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The circles of friendship



Last week I had a friend stay a few nights while she was back in the area visiting her Mom who lives in an assisted living. Mary Ann and I have been close friends since the 4th grade when she came in from country school. We have stayed close through all the years since we graduated, see­ing each other once or twice a year when she was home visit­ing family. She’s lived all over the world as her husband was in the military and then his career continued their globe trotting. But, we’ve managed to see each other as often as possible and now enjoy the time she can stay at my house while “home” for a visit.

Another dear friend, who was in high school with us, and who I ran around with after high school, lives near where I do. We’ve stayed friends for over 40 years and see each other when time and schedules al­low. I introduced her to her husband way back when, then we watched each others kids grow up and now admire each others grandkids. Her name is Mary Beth. Incidently, we also had another Mary in our class in school. Popular name in ‘61/62!



The two friends and I gradu­ated from high school in 1980. In spite of both of them being very dear and close to me since then, unbelievably, they had not seen each other since the night of graduation. So, we set a night to have supper together and catch up.

It was such a joy to watch two friends I love get to know each other again. I listened to each of them tell the other about the ensuing years and their lives. Some things I’d forgotten about each, so it was fun to be reminded. I was able to inter­ject some details and teasing as well, so we did a lot of laughing too.

Of course, they both were up to speed on my life since I’d stayed so close to each of them.

We sat in the restaurant and talked for hours. I think to truly catch up a road trip would be necessary, and who knows, maybe someday when we all aren’t still so busy we can do that. In the mean time, they’ll keep up with each other better through social media and I’ll stay in touch with both of them as usual. Supper out together is already planned for Mary Ann’s next visit back. I already know we’ll talk for hours when we do too.

It takes a lot of visiting to cover almost 43 years. The friendships through marriage, motherhood, moves, illnesses, loss of a parent or sibling, and time, have stood the test. I’m so glad that these two treasured women in my circle are now a part of each other’s circles as well.

I hope that we have many more years to be friends as a set of three now. I always knew they’d enjoy each other so I’m feeling pretty blessed that the opportunity finally came.

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