2022-12-16 E-Edition

Santa Claus keeps busy with local Bowman County visits

Santa Claus sure seems to spend a lot of time in Bowman County every year. There was a Santa Day in Bowman Wednesday (Dec. 7). There was Santa Claus riding through Rhame Friday (Dec. 9). Santa even stopped by Rhame again Saturday for another Santa Day and a visit to the Van Jones American Legion Hall. About a week earlier, […]

Winter blast brings cold, snow, wind threat through Friday

Bowman County and the rest of the region may need some time to recover from a cold front predicted to bring about a foot of snow and low temperatures through Friday. According to the National Weather Service office in Bismarck, they predicted a storm will hit the state Monday evening and could bring not only a drop in temperatures but […]

News from the Walking X Ranch

Christmas wedding with side of fleas

Christmas is fast approaching. I have so many good memories of Christmas and the season from my lifetime. One Christmas, though, sticks out in my memory box, as both good and bad. It taught me valuable life lessons though, so even the “bad” was good. My oldest sister was the first of my family to get married. She chose December […]

From the Featherduster

We hear the Christmas story at least once a year, and usually several times. But do we really hear it? Here are some questions to see if you do. Who told Mary that she was going to be the Mother of Christ? (Luke 1:26-27) How many wise men were there? (trick question – Matthew 2:1,11) And what gifts did they […]

The Two Sides of Humanity in Medicine

Merriam-Webster defines humanity as “compassionate, sympathetic, or generous behavior or disposition.” It is also defined as “the quality or condition of being human.” The first definition is what people want in a health care provider. We all want to be taken care of by a caregiver who is compassionate, kind, sympathetic, and generous with their time and knowledge. Health care […]

North Camp Crook News

Another December week is in the books. We had an inch of snow that came straight down. It was awe inspiring. Sister Ann Dingfelder said they had a lot more snow north of Bowman and Becky said they were clearing out a bunch of it in Bowman as well. But the last few days of this week were absolutely beautiful. […]

Annual Western Dakota Crops Day set for Dec. 15

Regional agronomy research results, acid soil management, biological products and weed control options will be featured topics at the 39th annual Western Dakota Crops Day, hosted by the North Dakota State University Hettinger and Dickinson Research Extension Centers (REC). The event will be held at the Hettinger Armory on Dec. 15. Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. MT with coffee and […]

NDDOT seeks innovative transportation ideas

BISMARCK, N.D. – The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT), through its Transportation Innovation Program (TRIP), is seeking ideas for innovative transportation projects, processes, and products. All transportation-based contractors, consultants, suppliers, associations, tribes, and local jurisdictions are invited to submit ideas for consideration. “We are looking for ideas that are in the development or implementation stage,” said Russ Buchholz, NDDOT […]

2022 Harvest Bowl celebrates county agriculturists

The success, dedication and hard work of outstanding agriculturists in 53 counties in North Dakota and eight counties in Minnesota was honored during the 48th annual Harvest Bowl program at North Dakota State University on Nov. 18. The 2022 Bowman County Harvest Bowl honorees from Rhame were Eric and Andrea Bowman. The Bowman Ranch is a registered and commercial Angus […]