2023-12-08 E-Edition

Mystic Theater gets Scrooged for Christmas

With a play about ghosts, a shuttered theater came back to life Saturday in Marmarth. And it may happen again next year. On the historic stage, it was pure Dickens as a troupe of performers came to the North Dakota border town for a special Saturday performance. Tiny Tim. Bob Cratchit. They were all there in the oldest theater in […]

Singing praises

Community Chorus fills season with song

The reason for the season was loudly proclaimed Sunday with the 65th annual Christmas Concert inside performed by the Bowman Community Chorus. “Silent Night! Holy Night!” was performed with a new director, Pastor Laurie Kidd. In addition to a concert with the full chorus, there were an elementary choir and a brass section for instrumentals. According to community chorus member […]

Roberta Joan Engesser

Roberta Joan Engesser, with endless gratitude for her “wonderful life” and a beacon of unwavering love and boundless generosity, left an indelible mark on the world in her 91 years. She passed away peacefully in her sleep on Tuesday, November 28th, in Spearfish, South Dakota, surrounded by the care of her family and the remarkable Edgewood and Hospice team. Her […]

Deadline nears for Giving Tree shoppers

The Giving Tree shopping spree for local families is nearing its deadline, according to its director. The time to turn over the results of their shopping spree will be Dec. 13, Edna Paulson said Sunday. “Once I get all the presents… the ‘Angels’ have been out as shoppers since early November,” she said. Most of the items on the shopping […]

Area Deaths

Roberta Joan Engesser, 91, Spearfish, SD, Nov. 28 Craig H. Eslinger, 63, Reeder, Nov. 28 Robert Barnes, 72, South Heart, formerly of New England, Nov. 26 Sandy Deichert, 59, Dickinson, Nov. 25 Margaret Tormaschy, 93, Dickinson, Nov. 25 Richard Duane Schnell, 77, Hettinger, Nov. 26 George Gerbracht, 101, Bison, SD, Nov. 24

News from the Walking X Ranch

Sister-cousins and memories

How many of you remember your very first best friend? It’s easy for me, as it’s my cousin Sandy. We were raised on adjoining ranches, our houses a mile apart as the crow flies. She’s a year older than me. From my earliest memories, Sandy was there. Many trips back and forth to each other’s house was done on a […]

North Camp Crook News

This was quite the week in the neighborhood. Quite a few of us contracted some kind of head/chest cold. It sent one of our neighbors to the Billings hospital where she is valiantly fighting it off to come back to us. Becky and I healed up enough to sing in the wonderful Community Chorus Concert, Sunday. Our neighbors took advantage […]

From the Featherduster

Children should not be raised in bubble wrap. That was the focus of the speaker on the radio the other day. The children of this area do not have to worry about that. Let me remind you of an incident that came to mind. Jessica (5th grade) and PJ Painter (3rd grade) and Marvin Heesacker (also 3rd grade), using the […]

North Dakota Outdoors

Big horn sheep hunting in North Dakota

Two of the most popular species with hunting seasons include harvest numbers you can count on your hands or hands and toes. I’m talking about mountain lions and bighorn sheep. These two unique species capture the interest of hunters and non-hunters alike. While over 20,000 applications were received for the half dozen bighorn sheep tags, mountain lion hunting is open […]